Transportations in Bangkok

Types of Transportations in Bangkok

Thailand has a wide range of methods of the vehicle which will in general come in every single distinctive shape and sizes. These shapes and sizes are regularly very extraordinary in the littler towns and urban communities contrasted with that of Bangkok. Bangkok in undeniable reality has everything with regards to move and an incredible assortment of the various methods of the vehicle to address everybody’s issues.


The most indigenous method of the vehicle in Thailand, Tuk Tuks are the celebrated 3-wheeled vehicles that you would have seen in many travel-related photographs of Southeast Asia. You should take in any event one ride on a Tuk as it is a significant critical encounter that you won’t discover back home.

Simultaneously it is imperative to take note of that Tuk Tuks are a considerable amount more costly than your normal bike taxi or Songthaew as it is a mainstream method of the vehicle for voyagers. In any case, if you can, hop on board a Tuk in any event once during your time in Thailand. The rates are generally somewhere in the range of 80 to 150 Baht and on the off chance that you review your Thai, you are more averse to be ripped off by the Tuk drivers.


With Bangkok being the most visited city on the planet in 2013, it subsequently has probably the biggest extent of cabs to individuals on the planet. Dissimilar to in the huge Western urban communities, Bangkok’s taxi framework is truly sensible gratitude to the meter framework that was as of late presented quite a long while prior.

Taxicabs begin at 35 Baht and from there on 2 Baht for the initial 2 km and afterward 2 Baht for every km after that. The traffic in certain regions in Bangkok can anyway be horrifying so cruiser taxicabs may be a superior wagered on the off chance that you are just needing to travel a short separation in Bangkok. Cabs are anyway cooled which can make for a decent break from the strange Bangkok heat.

In different urban areas and towns in Thailand, there aren’t numerous cabs like you will discover in Bangkok and there is normally no meter framework which regularly takes into consideration cab drivers to scam you – they are additionally difficult to bargain with as there is a higher interest for them in the littler urban communities in Thailand.

Bike Taxi

Bike taxicabs are your most solid option on the off chance that you are searching for a shoddy and quick vehicle for short separations. They can be found in most Thai urban communities all through the nation just as littler towns with great vehicle frameworks. When going on the back of a bike, it isn’t perfect on the off chance that you are conveying with you a great deal of baggage or on the off chance that it is raining very hard yet generally this is most likely the best method of the vehicle for the regular explorer.

One extraordinary thing about a bike taxi is that you can likewise go two individuals on the back and this won’t cost you significantly more. The standard rates for bike taxicabs can be anyplace between 20 to 100 Baht – everything relies upon the separation you spread. Tell the bike driver the road or spot you have to go and multiple times out of 10 he will realize where to take you.


The name “songthaew” actually means “two lines” in English. Fundamentally, Songthaews are little got trucks which are involved 2 columns of seats at the back finish of the vehicle for travelers to lay their legs on. There is additionally some constrained space directly at the back of Songthaews for individuals to stand and clutch – Songthaew drivers do drive sensibly moderate making it rather protected yet kindly make sure to hang on.

If its all the same to you sitting tight 10 to 15 minutes for a ride, at that point this is an extraordinary method of the vehicle and it costs as meager as 10 Baht to get to the other side of a town to the next. Press one of the stop signals situated on the top of the vehicle and the driver will pull over for you. Just pay the driver once you achieve your stop and it is imperative to take note of that Songthaews aren’t regular in the enormous urban areas like Bangkok and Chiang Mai but instead in the littler urban areas and towns.


Thailand has a created transport framework and obviously, Bangkok has the biggest transport framework in the nation. With regards to getting around inside most of littler urban areas and towns, Songthaews are generally the standard rather than transports however a considerable lot of the littler urban communities do have transport frameworks that give long-separation transport to different towns, urban communities, and prevalent visitor goals. In Bangkok, you will discover an assortment of transports of every single distinctive size and hues some of which are open and other private transports.

Your least expensive transport alternative will cost you a minor 7 Baht inside Bangkok with different transports not being excessively expensive more than that. Long-separation transports are withdrawing from Bangkok to everywhere throughout the nation, for example, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Mai, etc. This is frequently an incredible option in contrast to flying or getting the train on the off chance that you are on a strict spending plan.

In the littler urban communities and towns, transports commonly just leave from one terminal yet in Bangkok transports withdraw from a few distinct terminals. There is likewise a wide range of transport classes with various rates in Bangkok, you can peruse up additional on them here.

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Over late years and because of the over-clogged streets in Bangkok, city organizers have created both an overground and underground train arrange through the city. The BTS Skytrain is an overground railroad framework involved the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line.

This overground railroad system stops off at numerous vacationer territories and attractions in Bangkok and is grown much like the huge Western urban areas of the world making it extremely simple to discover your way around the city. For more data on the BTS Skytrain and the different stops along the Sukhumvit and Silom Lines, click here.

Bangkok MRT Subway

The MRT Subway, also called the Blue Line, is the principal underground railroad line to be acquainted with Bangkok’s rail route organize. It is included 18 stops and pursues a somewhat unique course to the BTS Skytrain which enables voyagers to drive using the train to the out of reach neighborhoods of the Skytrain.

Both the BTS and MRT cross at different focuses permitting voyagers from the two lines more noteworthy assortment with regards to getting to their goal of decision. Both the BTS and MRT systems are in a task from 6 am to 12 PM Monday to Friday. Snap here for course choices and a guide of the MRT Subway.


Thailand’s overground railroad system keeps running all through the nation and offers an agreeable travel choice contrasted with a portion of the less expensive transport courses. The train is as yet a shabby alternative and you can get from Bangkok right to Chiang Mai in the north for as meager as 800 Baht where you can get your very own private lodge and take in the dazzling landscape that goes with this voyage. The Thai train additionally has three unique classes with various rates.

To put into examination the diverse train classes and their rates contrasted with other long-separation methods of the vehicle in Thailand. Top-notch is exceptionally extravagant on a train which incorporates a private cooled lodge with a twofold bed and can be somewhat higher in cost to a spending air ticket. Below average train tickets are somewhat increasingly agreeable to initially-class transport tickets and for the most part cost equivalent to initially-class transport tickets. Second rate class is the least expensive method of the vehicle for any long-separation venture in Thailand anyway it is additionally the least agreeable so remember that.

If you don’t mind note that train tickets will in general rat well ahead of time for prominent ends of the week and occasions, particularly for trains making a trip to the more famous goals, so plan your treks ahead of time on the off chance that you wish to go via train. For data on Thailand’s train organize.

Travel via air

Going via air in Thailand is unquestionably the speediest method for getting from A to B and there is a lot of spending aircraft which provide food for those going on strict spending plans.

Thai Airways offer the best assortment of goals and flight choices and one can get from Bangkok to a large number of the traveler islands and goals just by loading up a 1-hour departure from Bangkok. Likewise look at AirAsia, Bangkok Airlines and Nok Air.