Things You Should Try in Khaosan Road

A tourist destination city usually always has an area that is a backpacker gathering place because the place provides a variety of tourist needs at affordable prices. Likewise, Bangkok City in Thailand has Khaosan Road.

Khaosan is the name of a road in the city of Bangkok. The road was deliberately used as a tourist area, this is basic Thailand travel guide place. There are many street vendors selling snacks, there are also merchandise trinkets, and there are also many hostels at cheap rates.

What To Do In Khaosan Road

If you visit Thailand, it’s not complete if we don’t have time to visit Khaosan Road. There we can try various things that are only found on Khaosan Road. Indeed on the road, there are many unique things that we cannot find outside of Bangkok.

At Khaosan Road, we can do some things that are of course exciting. We can walk along this road alone, or also with friends of tour groups. What is clear, Khaosan Road is indeed a backpacker paradise visiting Thailand.

Stay At Khaosan Road

As mentioned earlier that in Khaosan Road there are many inns. So, if you travel to Thailand, you will have no trouble finding a place to stay because in Khaosan Road there are many inns with relatively cheap rates. In fact, if you want cheaper lodging rates, you can walk along the small alleys that are there.

Choosing lodging in the Khaosan Road area is not a bad idea, because this area is very strategic. Khaosan Road is close to other tourist areas in Bangkok. Even some tourist attractions can be accessed just on foot from here.

Taste Thai Streetfood

Khaosan Road is the right place to taste a variety of Thai specialties. If you intend to taste various local snacks, you should not have your main course first. By buying 4 or 5 types of snacks you will feel full.

In this area, you can also taste various extreme snacks. You can try many fried scorpions for sale on Khaosan Road. There are also various other snacks made from various types of insects.


This place can also be the right place for you who are looking for souvenirs. In Khaosan Road, there are also many merchants who sell knick-knacks such as t-shirts, bracelets, key chains, and so on. The price is very affordable. For a variety of t-shirts, the price is only 150 to 250 baht. In fact, the price is still negotiable.

There are also daily clothing sellers such as underwear, sandals, or shoes. The price offered is not too expensive and quite good to just change clothes everyday or stylish. Many foreign tourists who go to small shops are only to buy underwear or unbranded sandals.

Tattoo And Massage

If you are a fan of body art, then you can make tattoos on Khaosan Road. The tattoo designs they make are very typical and Thai-style. But if you don’t want to take risks, then you can try a temporary tattoo only.

In addition, at Khaosan Road, there are also many massage service providers. There is a special place; there are also only those that are just off the road. So, if you are tired of walking on Khaosan Road, you can relax first with a massage.