Things to Know Before Visiting Bangkok Grand Palace

When you visit Thailand, of course, you don’t want to miss a trip to the Grand Palace. It’s not perfect if you visit the Thai capital without dropping into the Grand Palace.

This magnificent building is located in the center of Bangkok, so it is not difficult to get there. There ismuch public transportation that can take tourists to the Grand Palace. In addition, many tourist lodgings are located around this palace.

If you plan to visit the Grand Palace, it’s good to read the tips below so that your visit to the Grand Palace Bangkok can be more enjoyable.

Visit The Grand Palace In The Morning

The Grand Palace is a tourist attraction in Bangkok. This means that this building has become a tourist destination for foreign tourists. In addition, the Grand Palace is also a place for various religious activities for local residents. Therefore, as much as possible you should come to the Grand Palace in the morning before this place is crowded with many people.

By arriving early, you can avoid long queues at the counter. In addition, you can also take photos without too much interference from other tourists because this place is still relatively quiet in the opening hours.

Mind Your Clothes

In general, the city of Bangkok has its own rules for dress. Especially in special places like the Grand Palace, visitors should wear polite clothing according to local customs.

For men, you should wear a shirt or at least a collared shirt and trousers while visiting the Grand Palace. Meanwhile, women should not wear open clothes. Avoid wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops.

However, tolerance of Bangkok citizens can anticipate unwanted things. If there are visitors who do not know the rules, then around the palace complex there are many shops that sell trousers and scarves to cover parts of the body that are too open.

After entering the complex, you must be polite. This Grand Palace is a sacred place for local people, to carry out religious activities. In certain parts of the Grand Palace, visitors are also required to take off their footwear to maintain the sanctity of the place.

Bring Your Own Water

Traveling around the Grand Palace complex below Bangkok’s high air temperature makes us feel tired quickly. Do not let you get dehydration during a visit to the Grand Palace. Therefore, make sure you always bring drinking water from your place of stay.

Indeed, around the palace complex there are also many sellers of drinking water, but of course, you will feel reluctant to come back in line to just get drinking water. By bringing your own drink, you can also save money. So, do not hesitate to bring water when visiting the Grand Palace.

Don’t Waste The Entrance Ticket

The price of admission to the Grand Palace is around 500 baht. However, with that price, you can use the ticket not only to enter the Grand Palace but also other tourist attractions such as Vimanmek Palace and also Abhishek Dusit Throne Hall. Therefore, after the officer checks your ticket, make sure you always save the entry ticket.

Enjoy The Grand Palace Calmly And Politely

The Grand Palace complex is spacious enough for us to explore on foot. Therefore, there is no need to rush when visiting here. Stay calm and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this Grand Palace architecture. Explore every corner of the Grand Palace so you can find aesthetics in the building.

In addition, we also have to maintain an attitude that is always polite when in the palace complex, because this place is considered a sacred and sacred place by most local residents. So, we cannot act carelessly when visiting the Grand Palace.