5 Destinations in Thailand Beautiful international tourists

For anyone who has an Instagram app, and then track it in the entire tourist line, you’ll see beautiful attractions around the world and find out where those places are located on the planet. Want to go on a trip? I know that Thailand is pretty much more than a foreign country. Visitors from all over the world want to visit many of our homes as well. Today, we have selected the most popular Thai attractions in the country in Thailand to deposit. You have to go to the Czech Republic if you have a visit.

1. Wat Phra Reclining-Mangkalaram Ratchaworamahawihan Bangkok

Wat Phra Reclining, Wat Pho, Ratchamangkalaram Located close to the Emerald Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace, one of Bangkok’s most popular check-ins is a temple with beautiful architecture, especially the Chedi of the King Rama, which is the Chedi of the Emerald Buddha statue of the great world. King Mongkut’s Buddha King Rama King and King Mongkut’s head

Each pagoda is large, adorned with glazed tiles surrounded by glass walls. The arch is characterized by a bright, red Chinese style. There is a Chinese stone doll adorned in one of the doors, and this is the point that they are like. The hotel is open daily from 08.00-17.00. Thai people are free to visit.


2. Bangkok Railway Market Ratchada

The Night Bazaar is a popular market in the city of Bangkok, since it is open to the market and is also hottest among foreign tourists during the 2-3 year, because here is a wide range of goods including affordable fashion clothes. Accessories, shoes, mobile devices, etc., and the key also has a wide range of food restaurants to taste. The price is affordable, there are many menus to choose from, but whether or not to attract foreign tourists to visit here, it is indeed a colourful umbrella which has the night photography of the market at a high angle. This is a very small umbrella, and the colors become one of Bangkok’s most popular markets. Back to Chatuchak Weekend market


3. Chiang Rai Tea Plantation

Attractions in Chiang Rai province are very hot. In addition to Wat Rong Khun, you will not have to escape the large tea plantation. The image of tea plots is organized into a descending order along the foothills. The villagers dressed up a traditional set of tea in a bright sky, a beautiful sight that everyone wants to see with their own eyes. For tea plantation in Chiang Rai, there are a wide range of Choui Fong tea plantation, tea plantation 101, Sugar Pudding Tea plantation, Singha Park, Hongfu tea plantation, Viva tea plantation.


4. Yi Peng Festival Chiang Mai Province

Yi Peng Festival Chiang Mai has been interested in both Thai and foreign tourists, in addition to the Lanna costume activities. Making merit at various temples Loy Krathong in the River Canal. The paper lanterns are floating into the sky. If there is a float at the same time, it will appear as a light-yellow lantern in the sky.

There is also an interesting tourist spot, “Wat Phan Tao”, where the temple is dotted, Phang-an, or a candle that is made from the burnt clay around the beautiful temple, unlike anywhere in the world.


5. Maikhao Beach, Phuket Province

Mai Khao Beach in Phuket Province is a long beach with the Andaman Sea, next to the Phuket International Airport, known as one of the world’s finest sandy beaches. With the time of the glider up-down, it will fly very low, like flying the head of tourists standing on the beachfront. The most exciting a, but not to see this image all year round, because if the wind is strong. The airplane will be landing again. So check the wind current before you visit. Most of the time, you want to get a beautiful shot in winter.

Walking into Mai Khao Beach It is recommended to take a walk from Sirinath National Park, or go to the shore of Khao Soi 6 and slowly walk along the beach.

7 Single International Technique Fun, safe, not scary

Traveling to Thailand

If it says “abroad,” Many people are afraid to travel alone, afraid of living alone overseas, both afraid of using English if the potatoes will understand us? Will we order food or even check in at the hotel, will the staff understand what they say? I don’t know how to get around the park…

Today we have a little trick for beginners in the first Thailand tourism should begin. How to book air tickets or even accommodation reservations Let’s take a look better than what to do…

1. Open your mind and don’t be afraid.

First, we need to open up your mind. Don’t be afraid that if you go to speak English, you don’t know about it. Nowadays, there are many translation applications and about the journey. Don’t worry about speaking to gentiles.

2. Prepare the plan beforehand.

Tourism in a locality that we are not so familiar with can be confused. Planning ahead of the trip is a necessity for tourists as well. In addition to providing us with the aim of making the trip. Also allows us to control the time more easily. Going alone won’t have to crush a friend that I want to go to this one, but don’t want to go. Save as much time as possible. We should share plans for the family to know a little more about what we can do. What happens when we are?

3. Airline Ticket Management

Every trip in addition to the tour plans. We also have to deal with our flights where to go and return the day, so that there will be no problem later on. If you travel, you don’t need to buy a ticket that it expensive to buy a cheap ticket.

4. Keep the document in a safe place.

Travel documents are very important to travel. Traveling alone abroad no one can verify who we are. Where is it from? Finding proof of documents will help us travel comfortably, and it’s a way to get lost or need help. Accommodation information Passport The visa should be prin and carry for an emergency event to be able to verify our identity, or you can send an email to yourself in another way, as well as find out the country’s information, such as the embassy number, local police number, the number of lost accommodation.

5. Choose your accommodation to suit your style

The choice of accommodation should take into account the convenient area of travel and see our travel goals. Some people would like to stay close to the community, but some people who love shopping may choose to stay close to the access point. The train station is easily accessible to the city centre, or anyone who wants new foreign friends may choose to stay at a hotel that can be found to meet many nationalities. Travel experience Exchange. Ease of Transportation should also be one of the factor you think about when choosing accomodation.

6. Money is true friend.

Of course, every trip is necessary to use the money. Travel abroad, we should study the currency of the country. Study the cost of living and should be prepared for both travel expenses. The value is not a problem. When we go to the country, it should be planned as an estimate, such as travel expenses, admission fees, museum admission fees, shopping fees etc. Most of the statements are usually more late than the set. Carrying back up or extending your credit card limit when visiting an unexpected event.

7. Do not lose contact

Contact is important to travel alone, as it may cause families to be concerned. We may have 2 phones or may be carrying a power bank for emergency under low. Therefore, a good way to keep in touch with your family is to periodically report it. What to do… How to get back to the hotel When the location is reached or the accommodation should be contacted again so that the family will not be worried about us.

To get to each trip. Of course, we have to be impressed to come back. If we were brave at the same time, one trip. Without fear of being worried about us, we will be brave in any place without fear of traveling every time.

Solo travelers Getting ready is the most important thing. Looking for a hotels.com discount hotel for your peace of mind and safety all day long.

Things to Know Before Visiting Bangkok Grand Palace

When you visit Thailand, of course, you don’t want to miss a trip to the Grand Palace. It’s not perfect if you visit the Thai capital without dropping into the Grand Palace.

This magnificent building is located in the center of Bangkok, so it is not difficult to get there. There ismuch public transportation that can take tourists to the Grand Palace. In addition, many tourist lodgings are located around this palace.

If you plan to visit the Grand Palace, it’s good to read the tips below so that your visit to the Grand Palace Bangkok can be more enjoyable.

Visit The Grand Palace In The Morning

The Grand Palace is a tourist attraction in Bangkok. This means that this building has become a tourist destination for foreign tourists. In addition, the Grand Palace is also a place for various religious activities for local residents. Therefore, as much as possible you should come to the Grand Palace in the morning before this place is crowded with many people.

By arriving early, you can avoid long queues at the counter. In addition, you can also take photos without too much interference from other tourists because this place is still relatively quiet in the opening hours.

Mind Your Clothes

In general, the city of Bangkok has its own rules for dress. Especially in special places like the Grand Palace, visitors should wear polite clothing according to local customs.

For men, you should wear a shirt or at least a collared shirt and trousers while visiting the Grand Palace. Meanwhile, women should not wear open clothes. Avoid wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops.

However, tolerance of Bangkok citizens can anticipate unwanted things. If there are visitors who do not know the rules, then around the palace complex there are many shops that sell trousers and scarves to cover parts of the body that are too open.

After entering the complex, you must be polite. This Grand Palace is a sacred place for local people, to carry out religious activities. In certain parts of the Grand Palace, visitors are also required to take off their footwear to maintain the sanctity of the place.

Bring Your Own Water

Traveling around the Grand Palace complex below Bangkok’s high air temperature makes us feel tired quickly. Do not let you get dehydration during a visit to the Grand Palace. Therefore, make sure you always bring drinking water from your place of stay.

Indeed, around the palace complex there are also many sellers of drinking water, but of course, you will feel reluctant to come back in line to just get drinking water. By bringing your own drink, you can also save money. So, do not hesitate to bring water when visiting the Grand Palace.

Don’t Waste The Entrance Ticket

The price of admission to the Grand Palace is around 500 baht. However, with that price, you can use the ticket not only to enter the Grand Palace but also other tourist attractions such as Vimanmek Palace and also Abhishek Dusit Throne Hall. Therefore, after the officer checks your ticket, make sure you always save the entry ticket.

Enjoy The Grand Palace Calmly And Politely

The Grand Palace complex is spacious enough for us to explore on foot. Therefore, there is no need to rush when visiting here. Stay calm and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this Grand Palace architecture. Explore every corner of the Grand Palace so you can find aesthetics in the building.

In addition, we also have to maintain an attitude that is always polite when in the palace complex, because this place is considered a sacred and sacred place by most local residents. So, we cannot act carelessly when visiting the Grand Palace.

Basic Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is one of the tourist destination countries located in Southeast Asia. There are so many tourist attractions that are worth visiting in Thailand, ranging from nature tourism, cultural tourism, to shopping.

As one of the most popular tourist destination countries, Thailand is certainly visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. This country has its own charm and uniqueness that makes us as tourists feel interested in visiting it.

In fact, Thailand is also one of the best tourist destinations for backpackers with a minimal budget. The issue of accommodation and transportation in Thailand will not be an obstacle for tourists to enjoy Thailand, because,in addition to being complete, transportation and accommodation in Thailand are also very affordable and you can read more Handling flight problem.

The Essential Tips Traveling To Thailand

If you plan to travel to Thailand, then you should look for promo airplane tickets. To get it, of course, you have to order it long before your departure date. As much as possible you are looking for a round-trip ticket. That way, you will save expenses in terms of transportation costs.

Still in terms of transport, when you arrive in Thailand you also have to be smart to choose transportation to get around Thailand without spending a lot of money. From Suvarnabhumi airport, you can take the Airport Rail Link to downtown Bangkok. In addition, there is also other public transportation to take you around the city, for example, the MRT, Bangkok Sky Train, and also the city bus.

Where To Visit In Thailand

Traveling to Thailand apparently does not always cost a lot because there are so many tourist destinations in Thailand that we can visit for free. Various museums, parks, and temples can be enjoyed without spending money to buy admission tickets.

  • Wat Mangkon Kamalawat

The biggest Chinese Buddhist temple in Thailand can be one of your alternative tourist destinations in Thailand. You can visit this temple while traveling to Thailand. As the biggest and most influential temple in Bangkok, of course, you don’t want to miss a visit to this place.

  • Wat Intharawihan

In addition to Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, you can also visit Wat Intharawihan which is located not far from downtown Bangkok. In this temple, you will find a Buddha statue that stands 32 meters tall. Of course, this is a separate tourist attraction for the temple.

  • Bangkokian Museum

After feeling satisfied around the temple and religious tours, it’s time to add insight by visiting the Bangkok Folk Museum or The Bangkokian Museum. This museum is the right place to learn the history of Bangkok because this place exhibits various collections related to the life of Bangkok in the mid-20th century.

  • Bangkok Art & Culture Center

This place is a center of art in the city of Bangkok which was founded in 2008 ago. Here you can enjoy a number of modern works of art neatly arranged inside this eleven-story building. Meanwhile, outside the building, you can enjoy various installation artworks. This building is unique in terms of architecture so it is worth visiting when in Thailand.

  • Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

A walk in the park in the city of Bangkok is not a bad thing. If you like insects, especially butterflies, then you have to visit this place. Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium is a great place to observe hundreds of species of butterflies while enjoying the shade of trees. Not only butterflies but in this park, you can also observe various other types of insects.

However, if you don’t like insects, you can visit Queen Sirikit Park to see beautiful flowers growing around the garden. This place is so beautiful, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. To enjoy it, you will not be charged an entry fee. The park is overgrown with various types of flowers with colors that are so fresh to the eye. So, take a moment to visit this park.


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Things You Should Try in Khaosan Road

A tourist destination city usually always has an area that is a backpacker gathering place because the place provides a variety of tourist needs at affordable prices. Likewise, Bangkok City in Thailand has Khaosan Road.

Khaosan is the name of a road in the city of Bangkok. The road was deliberately used as a tourist area, this is basic Thailand travel guide place. There are many street vendors selling snacks, there are also merchandise trinkets, and there are also many hostels at cheap rates.

What To Do In Khaosan Road

If you visit Thailand, it’s not complete if we don’t have time to visit Khaosan Road. There we can try various things that are only found on Khaosan Road. Indeed on the road, there are many unique things that we cannot find outside of Bangkok.

At Khaosan Road, we can do some things that are of course exciting. We can walk along this road alone, or also with friends of tour groups. What is clear, Khaosan Road is indeed a backpacker paradise visiting Thailand.

Stay At Khaosan Road

As mentioned earlier that in Khaosan Road there are many inns. So, if you travel to Thailand, you will have no trouble finding a place to stay because in Khaosan Road there are many inns with relatively cheap rates. In fact, if you want cheaper lodging rates, you can walk along the small alleys that are there.

Choosing lodging in the Khaosan Road area is not a bad idea, because this area is very strategic. Khaosan Road is close to other tourist areas in Bangkok. Even some tourist attractions can be accessed just on foot from here.

Taste Thai Streetfood

Khaosan Road is the right place to taste a variety of Thai specialties. If you intend to taste various local snacks, you should not have your main course first. By buying 4 or 5 types of snacks you will feel full.

In this area, you can also taste various extreme snacks. You can try many fried scorpions for sale on Khaosan Road. There are also various other snacks made from various types of insects.


This place can also be the right place for you who are looking for souvenirs. In Khaosan Road, there are also many merchants who sell knick-knacks such as t-shirts, bracelets, key chains, and so on. The price is very affordable. For a variety of t-shirts, the price is only 150 to 250 baht. In fact, the price is still negotiable.

There are also daily clothing sellers such as underwear, sandals, or shoes. The price offered is not too expensive and quite good to just change clothes everyday or stylish. Many foreign tourists who go to small shops are only to buy underwear or unbranded sandals.

Tattoo And Massage

If you are a fan of body art, then you can make tattoos on Khaosan Road. The tattoo designs they make are very typical and Thai-style. But if you don’t want to take risks, then you can try a temporary tattoo only.

In addition, at Khaosan Road, there are also many massage service providers. There is a special place; there are also only those that are just off the road. So, if you are tired of walking on Khaosan Road, you can relax first with a massage.

Good Regulations in Handling Flight Problems

Every country certainly has different rules or regulations in making a policy. It is the same as the making of regulations on a flight, especially between Indonesia and Thailand. According to many parties, Thailand is considered to be more caring than others and will be willing to intervene directly if there is an airline company that getting rejection when they requesting the route permission to go to a certain country.

“The Thai government gives full support to the airline company. If there are problems that occur in the company, then the parties concerned will be called first to provide an explanation, they are not immediately given a sentence. Even when there was an incident with Thai Lion route to Yangoon, Myanmar was rejected, the Thai government then helped to ask the reason behind the rejection.” said Thai Lion Air Managing Director Captain Darsito Hendroseputro, who was told to some of journalists from Jakarta when get interviewed at his office in Don Mueang, Bangkok.

Differences In Handling The Airline’s Problems

But unlike in Indonesia, Darsito continued, when in Indonesia, no matter how small the error was made by the airline, it would be immediately get punished. In fact, the government should have asked for more detail about what problems actually occur within the airline itself.

“They (Thailand) gave us the opportunity to givean explanation, but if in Indonesia they were not even given the opportunity to make an explanation, and were immediately given a penalty,” said Darsito, who was a former pilot in the Navy in his time.

According to news, the Directorate General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation has issued ground handling freezing letters to Lion Air. This was due to an error that occurred when getting-off the international passengers from Singapore to Soekarno-Hatta Airport to the domestic terminal.

Thai Lion Air Has Obtained Iosa Certification

Thai Lion Air is the only Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) flight in the White Elephant Country, Thailand, which received the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate. This certificate was obtained by the airline in September 2015. They received this because Thai Lion Air is considered to be capable of meeting the international flight safety standards. “We are the only LCC in Thailand that gets an IOSA certificate, this certificate is not mandatory, but if it can be obtained, it is very good for the airlines itself,” said Managing Director of Thai Lion Air Captain Darsito Hendroseputro.

According to Darsito, getting an IOSA certificate is not an easy thing to do. His side needs to arrange the preparations very well and have a full confidence and totality in empower the airline management. Even though the airlines have already had an IOSI certificate, but still in every two years the Thai Lion Air must be audited by IATA.

The concept used in the IOSA Program is a global program that created by the field experts who are experienced in the aviation industry. The selection is based on the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and has been accepted and recognized internationally as a system that is applied consistently.

By looking at reviews of how Thai Lion AIr airlines handle every airline problem wisely, and the certificate ownership that supports the airline’s credibility, it can be concluded that Thai Lion Air is an airline that has international class services. You are no longer need to be unsured to use the Thai Lion Air services when you want to go on holiday to Thailand. You can go there and enjoy the beauty of the country and also the various uniqueness there. Hopefully, you will be happy with the services that provided by the airlines, and you will choose this airline again on the next trip.

The Must Visited Chatuchak Market in Thailand

Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, will be incomplete if you miss shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market.  The markets that only open at the weekend have always been a shopping destination for local people and also foreign tourists from all over the world. Shopping at Chatuchak Market does have its own charm that will make you fall in love with the atmosphere. Chatuchak Market where located on Kamphaeng Pet 2 street is stated as the largest market in Thailand, with more than 8,000 stalls and they divided into 27 areas.

Many Things Available In The Market

The items that sold in the Chatuchak are very varied and have competitive prices. You can find so many things, such as bags, clothing, shoes, home displays to household appliances, and also traditional fabrics can be found here. When you shopping in a very large place with a lot of visitors, there are several things that need to be considered, so your shopping sessions are more comfortable and enjoyable. These are some tips you must consider when shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Some Considerations When Shopping

First, you need to come in the early morning. Chatuchak is open starting at 9:00 am. The market usually will be more crowded towards noon. Coming here in the early morning will be better for you because the weather hasn’t been too hot and there are not too many visitors have arrived, so you can freely browse and shop without too many pressure from the other.

Second, you must be alert of pickpocketing. Buyers in Chatuchak are vulnerable to pickpocketing due to crowded visitors. It is advisable to only carry the items that are needed so that you do not need to linger open the bag to get the money. Always take care of the bag and place it on the front of the body and protect it by the hand.

Third, bring your own shopping bag. Shopping at Chatuchak often makes you possessed because the prices are relatively cheap. In order not to bother carrying too many plastic bags, you should prepare your own large-sized shopping bags. Put all the groceries in it to make it easier to be brought.


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Fourth, wear a comfortable clothing. In the afternoon, the weather will get hotter. Wear comfortable clothes like T-shirts or cotton shirts, loose-cut pants, shorts or summer dresses. Use sneakers or flat shoes. Don’t useheeled sandals in order to relax and walk around more comfortable.

Then, you need to determine the meeting points. Navigating Chatuchak for each block sometimes makes us unconscious about how far we walk. If you go to this market in groups, you and your friends or family are scattered in various places. So before shopping, it’s good to determine a meeting point. Choose a location that is easy to find to gather.

The last thing is don’t hesitate to make a bid. Just like the market in general, you can bargain to get a cheaper price. Discounts are usually given 10-30 baht. Bid politely and keep a smile. There are several stalls that have set the prices and not negotiable. Usually, they have given the information in front of the store.

The Development of Soekarno-Hatta Airport

Soekarno Hatta Airport is undergoing development to improve facilities that will make visitors easier and more comfortable while waiting for their flight schedule. This development will certainly have an impact on the terminal changes that are there. The construction of a new terminal at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten has made several airlines change their departure terminal, one of which is the airline that is quite much sought after, namely the Thai Lion Air terminal. In 2018, various airlines have occupied their latest departure terminal.

The New Terminal In Soekarno-Hatta

The following is a list of airlines in each terminal :

  1. Terminal 1 for Domestic Flights Terminal 1A Filled with Lion Air, flights for Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and Nusa Tenggara Island routes.
  2. Terminal 1B Filled with Lion Air (flight routes on Sumatra, Denpasar, Lombok) and Express Air.
  3. Terminal 1C Filled with Batik Air, Kalstar Aviation, Citilink, Trigana Air, Trans Nusa, and Airfast Indonesia.
  4. Terminal 2 for Domestic and International Flights Terminal 2 and Gate 1 Filled with All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Etihad Airways, Eva Air, Asiana Airlines, Scoot Airlines, Qatar Airways, Jetstar Airways, Srilankan Airlines, Emirate Airways, Cebu Pacific.
  5. Terminal 2 in Gate 2 Filled by Lion Air, Malindo Air, Batik, Air, Thai Lion Air, Royal Brunei Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, Air China, Qantas Air, Oman Air, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airlines..
  6. Terminal 2 in Gate 3 Filled by China Eastern Airlines and also KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
  7. Terminal 2 in Gate 4 Filled with, Sriwijaya Air Indonesia AirAsia Extra (Domestic) and also N A M Airlines 3.
  8. Terminal 3 for International and Domestic Flights Start Garuda Indonesia (domestic and international), Vietnam Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, China Airlines, Korean Air, China Southern Airlines, Xinamen Airlines, and also Air Asia Indonesia Ex (international Indonesia) and also Air Asia (international).

Fly With Lion Air

For you who have the plan to fly from Soekarno-Hatta Airport using Batik Air, Lion Air, Malindo Air, or in Thai Lion Air terminal in the near future. You may check the location of the flight departure and also the arrival terminal. In fact, the high frequency of flights from various airlines belongs to the Lion Air group requires the operation from separate terminal buildings at the airport.

In general, domestic flights at Soekarno-Hatta Airport fly from Terminal 1 and overseas flights fly from Terminal 2. Following are the departure locations for each airline belonging to the Lion group at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, as well as the destination cities served from each terminal.

The Airline Location Of City Destination

  1. Lion Air Terminal 1 A Ambon, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Jayapura, Kupang, Kendari, Makassar, Palangkaraya, Manado, Palu, Semarang, Pontianak, Solo, Surabaya, Ternate, Tarakan, Yogyakarta.
  2. Terminal 1 B Bandar Lampung, Bengkulu, Batam, Denpasar, Lombok, Jambi, Medan, Pangkal Pinang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Pandang
  3. Terminal 2 D Singapore and KL Malaysia
  4. Malindo Air Terminal 2 D only KL Malaysia
  5. Thai Lion Air terminal 2 D is Bangkok that is Don Muang

If your presence at Soekarno-Hatta Airport is limited to transit from one flight to another at the different terminal, so you can use the free shuttle bus service that provided by the airport. This bus service is available at every 30 minutes, and it serves the Terminal 1 route to Terminal 2, and vice versa.

The good news is, if the flight that takes the passengers to Jakarta and its advanced flights are only in different sub-terminals, for example: Solo – Jakarta at Terminal 1A and Jakarta – Batam at Terminal 1B, and the transfer of this terminal can be reached on foot, you don’t have to use the bus .

Based on the information above, you should first make sure about which terminal that your flight departs from. In order to make your trip to run smoothly as your prediction, you should also arrive at two hours before the departure time, so that you have enough time for check-in and security checks before flying. When you want to go to Thailand to have a vacation, so you need to take a flight from Thai Lion Air. Make sure that you will not get lost and can get to the right Thai Lion Air terminal of the airport where your flight will begins. That’s why it is so important to prepare everything for a long time, make sure that you get to the airport on time. It is better to get to the airport two hours before the departure.