7 Single International Technique Fun, safe, not scary

Traveling to Thailand

If it says “abroad,” Many people are afraid to travel alone, afraid of living alone overseas, both afraid of using English if the potatoes will understand us? Will we order food or even check in at the hotel, will the staff understand what they say? I don’t know how to get around the park…

Today we have a little trick for beginners in the first Thailand tourism should begin. How to book air tickets or even accommodation reservations Let’s take a look better than what to do…

1. Open your mind and don’t be afraid.

First, we need to open up your mind. Don’t be afraid that if you go to speak English, you don’t know about it. Nowadays, there are many translation applications and about the journey. Don’t worry about speaking to gentiles.

2. Prepare the plan beforehand.

Tourism in a locality that we are not so familiar with can be confused. Planning ahead of the trip is a necessity for tourists as well. In addition to providing us with the aim of making the trip. Also allows us to control the time more easily. Going alone won’t have to crush a friend that I want to go to this one, but don’t want to go. Save as much time as possible. We should share plans for the family to know a little more about what we can do. What happens when we are?

3. Airline Ticket Management

Every trip in addition to the tour plans. We also have to deal with our flights where to go and return the day, so that there will be no problem later on. If you travel, you don’t need to buy a ticket that it expensive to buy a cheap ticket.

4. Keep the document in a safe place.

Travel documents are very important to travel. Traveling alone abroad no one can verify who we are. Where is it from? Finding proof of documents will help us travel comfortably, and it’s a way to get lost or need help. Accommodation information Passport The visa should be prin and carry for an emergency event to be able to verify our identity, or you can send an email to yourself in another way, as well as find out the country’s information, such as the embassy number, local police number, the number of lost accommodation.

5. Choose your accommodation to suit your style

The choice of accommodation should take into account the convenient area of travel and see our travel goals. Some people would like to stay close to the community, but some people who love shopping may choose to stay close to the access point. The train station is easily accessible to the city centre, or anyone who wants new foreign friends may choose to stay at a hotel that can be found to meet many nationalities. Travel experience Exchange. Ease of Transportation should also be one of the factor you think about when choosing accomodation.

6. Money is true friend.

Of course, every trip is necessary to use the money. Travel abroad, we should study the currency of the country. Study the cost of living and should be prepared for both travel expenses. The value is not a problem. When we go to the country, it should be planned as an estimate, such as travel expenses, admission fees, museum admission fees, shopping fees etc. Most of the statements are usually more late than the set. Carrying back up or extending your credit card limit when visiting an unexpected event.

7. Do not lose contact

Contact is important to travel alone, as it may cause families to be concerned. We may have 2 phones or may be carrying a power bank for emergency under low. Therefore, a good way to keep in touch with your family is to periodically report it. What to do… How to get back to the hotel When the location is reached or the accommodation should be contacted again so that the family will not be worried about us.

To get to each trip. Of course, we have to be impressed to come back. If we were brave at the same time, one trip. Without fear of being worried about us, we will be brave in any place without fear of traveling every time.

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