5 Destinations in Thailand Beautiful international tourists

For anyone who has an Instagram app, and then track it in the entire tourist line, you’ll see beautiful attractions around the world and find out where those places are located on the planet. Want to go on a trip? I know that Thailand is pretty much more than a foreign country. Visitors from all over the world want to visit many of our homes as well. Today, we have selected the most popular Thai attractions in the country in Thailand to deposit. You have to go to the Czech Republic if you have a visit.

1. Wat Phra Reclining-Mangkalaram Ratchaworamahawihan Bangkok

Wat Phra Reclining, Wat Pho, Ratchamangkalaram Located close to the Emerald Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace, one of Bangkok’s most popular check-ins is a temple with beautiful architecture, especially the Chedi of the King Rama, which is the Chedi of the Emerald Buddha statue of the great world. King Mongkut’s Buddha King Rama King and King Mongkut’s head

Each pagoda is large, adorned with glazed tiles surrounded by glass walls. The arch is characterized by a bright, red Chinese style. There is a Chinese stone doll adorned in one of the doors, and this is the point that they are like. The hotel is open daily from 08.00-17.00. Thai people are free to visit.


2. Bangkok Railway Market Ratchada

The Night Bazaar is a popular market in the city of Bangkok, since it is open to the market and is also hottest among foreign tourists during the 2-3 year, because here is a wide range of goods including affordable fashion clothes. Accessories, shoes, mobile devices, etc., and the key also has a wide range of food restaurants to taste. The price is affordable, there are many menus to choose from, but whether or not to attract foreign tourists to visit here, it is indeed a colourful umbrella which has the night photography of the market at a high angle. This is a very small umbrella, and the colors become one of Bangkok’s most popular markets. Back to Chatuchak Weekend market


3. Chiang Rai Tea Plantation

Attractions in Chiang Rai province are very hot. In addition to Wat Rong Khun, you will not have to escape the large tea plantation. The image of tea plots is organized into a descending order along the foothills. The villagers dressed up a traditional set of tea in a bright sky, a beautiful sight that everyone wants to see with their own eyes. For tea plantation in Chiang Rai, there are a wide range of Choui Fong tea plantation, tea plantation 101, Sugar Pudding Tea plantation, Singha Park, Hongfu tea plantation, Viva tea plantation.


4. Yi Peng Festival Chiang Mai Province

Yi Peng Festival Chiang Mai has been interested in both Thai and foreign tourists, in addition to the Lanna costume activities. Making merit at various temples Loy Krathong in the River Canal. The paper lanterns are floating into the sky. If there is a float at the same time, it will appear as a light-yellow lantern in the sky.

There is also an interesting tourist spot, “Wat Phan Tao”, where the temple is dotted, Phang-an, or a candle that is made from the burnt clay around the beautiful temple, unlike anywhere in the world.


5. Maikhao Beach, Phuket Province

Mai Khao Beach in Phuket Province is a long beach with the Andaman Sea, next to the Phuket International Airport, known as one of the world’s finest sandy beaches. With the time of the glider up-down, it will fly very low, like flying the head of tourists standing on the beachfront. The most exciting a, but not to see this image all year round, because if the wind is strong. The airplane will be landing again. So check the wind current before you visit. Most of the time, you want to get a beautiful shot in winter.

Walking into Mai Khao Beach It is recommended to take a walk from Sirinath National Park, or go to the shore of Khao Soi 6 and slowly walk along the beach.