Without breaking a sweat of utilization process for Indonesian Citizen (WNI), Japan is currently one of the most alluring occasion goals in the nation. Customary social relics that keep running close by the advancement of current life become one of the charms that makes Japan extremely one of a kind. Combined with the unbelievable character of Japanese kid’s shows, for example, Doraemon, Hello Kitty and One Piece, Japan is the nation you should visit in any event rare.

It isn’t legitimate in the event that you visit Japan ceaselessly by to two of its greatest urban communities, Tokyo and Kyoto. As the capital of the nation, Tokyo gives a cutting edge Japanese look. A wide range of one of a kind and essential attractions you can discover here. The previous capital of Japan has an increasingly conventional however tranquil and peaceful climate.

Visiting Tokyo and Kyoto, the occasion to Japan will be a life-changing knowledge. Along these lines, here we have made a few suggestions of Japan’s exceptional vacation spots particularly those in Tokyo and Kyoto. These attractions can not be met in different nations! What’s more, there will be some going with tips to make your business increasingly effective yet at the same time fun!

Klook Pro-Tip: In request to remain associated with loved ones in the country, remember to lease a nearby 4G WiFi switch before flight. You can likewise still exist on Instagram and other web based life in light of the fact that the switch has included boundless information access in every aspect of Japan. Get should be possible at the air terminal and changed in accordance with your coming time. WiFi use can even be up to 14 gadgets at the same time!

Go to Fujiko F Fujio Museum, maker of the incredible animation character Doraemon

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Sundays are the most anticipated day of the considerable number of youngsters in Indonesia. The explanation is no other in light of the fact that on that day Doraemon publicized on TV! All things considered, in case you’re in Japan, there’s no compelling reason to trust that Sunday will meet Doraemon and his companions.

You can visit the Fujiko F Fujio Museum to become more acquainted with and remember Doraemon and Nobita’s energizing, mystical and happy world. Remember to purchase Doraemon’s unique product as a remembrance and life-changing trinkets.

Klook Pro-Tip: No longer lining at the ticket counter in the historical center, you can spare time by buying affirmation tickets for Fujiko F Fujio Museum before your takeoff to Japan. Get is done at the air terminal upon appearance. Simple and down to earth, isn’t that so?

For the accommodation and comfort of investigating Tokyo, it would be ideal if you likewise ensure you have obtained a Tokyo Subway ticket previously. This ticket can take you to free up to the majority of the Tokyo Metro and Subway lines of Toei.

Boundless transportation access all through Tokyo is just one ticket. There are three decisions of movement term from 24 hours, 48 hours to 72 hours. You simply pick which one suits your schedule while in Tokyo.

Step by step instructions to go to Fujiko F Fujio Museum: There is a van transport administration running from Noborito station. Another option is around 15 to 17 minutes stroll from Mukougaoka Yuen Station or Shuku-Gawara station.


The enjoyment of playing with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters at the Sanrio Puroland Tokyo


Other than Doraemon you are additionally acquainted with the Sanrio animation characters, Hello Kitty. Presently, you can get fun with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters at the Sanrio Puroland Tokyo. This Hello Kitty or Kittyland darling’s recreational rides are one of Japan’s special attractions that you shouldn’t miss!

Notwithstanding playing and taking pictures straightforwardly with Hello Kitty You can likewise appreciate the different attractions and rides of Sanrio character games that are charming and cute. Remember to set up a cash save to purchase an extremely enticing Sanrio-themed gift to bring home this, OK!


Klook Pro-Tip: To dodge frustration, look at the authority Sanrio Puroland site to see the timetable of attractions and rides being played on your day of visit. Come early morning to appreciate every one of the attractions and rides on offer.

Love your time and cash by obtaining Sanrio Puroland affirmation tickets through Klook. With an electronic framework, there is no requirement for an old line to enter the recreational park. Likewise, you can spare over half contrasted with purchasing tickets from the business counter.

Step by step instructions to go to Sanrio Puroland: The nearest station to Sanrio Puroland is the Odakyu-Tama Center Station reachable by the Tokyo Metro.


Visit Japan’s famous shopping and amusement regions in Shinjuku (in addition to eating with robot attractions)

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Shinjuku is probably the busiest territory in Japan. No big surprise here you will discover numerous tall structures, regardless of whether it is a strip mall, excitement settings, lodgings to government workplaces. At the point when sunsets, the environment in Shinjuku will be progressively lively with the clamor of local people and sightseers who need to discover diversion.

Notwithstanding shopping brand merchandise that lone exist in Japan, you can likewise feel the vibe of eating while joined by cutting edge robot fascination. Complete with staggering laser bar move, this experience must be found in Shinjuku, correctly at the Robot Restaurant.

Klook Pro-Tip: For a fun visit to the Robot Restaurant, you can purchase up to half off tickets. Book your first execution session at 16.00 Japanese neighborhood time to get the elite endowment of a beverage voucher of 800 JPY (~ 105.444 IDR) and a photograph opportunity with the robots. Ayuk, promptly reserving the ticket!

Step by step instructions to get to Shinjuku: With the Tokyo Subway Toei line ticket and the Tokyo Metro Ginza line you can undoubtedly reach Shinjuku station.

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Investigate Akihabara with Go Kart


Manga and anime are a piece of an ordinary Japanese subculture that has been well known all through the world. In Indonesia, enthusiasts of anime and manga are given the moniker otaku. All things considered, in case you’re professing to be an otaku, it’s inadequate to go to Japan without investigating Akihabara!

This is the place you will discover an assortment of shops that sell different manga and anime product including cosplay. One of them is Donki or Don Quijote which is well known at its modest cost. Try not to pass up a one of a kind bistro with uncommon topics, for example, Gundam, AKB48 to Final Fantasy.

Klook Pro-Tip: Getting around Akihabara by walking makes certain to be a long and tiring voyage. To spare time while investigating Akihabara, you can lease a go-kart to get around Akihabara Street. The advance span begins from 60 minutes, 2 hours, 3 hours to 5 hours.

Truth be told, it’s not constrained to Akihabara, you can bring your go-kart to the outside of Akihabara! Remember to wear your most loved cosplay outfits and set up your camera to catch the fun exercises that lone exist in Japan.


The most effective method to go to Akihabara: Stop at Tokyo Metro Akihabara Station by utilizing the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.